Westphalia is a region that is home to numerous culinary specialities. The Westphalian Five - Schinken (ham), Mettwurst (soft smoked sausage), Pumpernickel (a dark rye bread), Stuten (a sweet white bread) and Korn (corn schnapps) - stand for traditional products that still exist today. Whether by bike, horse, car or Shank's pony, there are countless opportunities for visitors to experience the diversity of the region during a trip through Westphalia, the Land of Ham, and enjoy its culinary pleasures. The Schutzgemeinschaft Westfälische Schinken- und Wurstspezialitäten e. V. warmly invites you to do this.

Westphalia, the Land of Ham
Welcome to Westphalia, the Land of Ham
and Germany's traditional gourmet region.


Westphalian ham on the bone acquires its special nature and characteristic taste through an established, time-consuming procedure. The ham is always processed as a whole, together with the bone. This requires a longer curing time so that the salt can naturally permeate into the ham and bone. When whole legs are used, the time taken for drying and maturing also becomes longer and the bone remaining in the meat gives the product its typical, slightly nutty aroma. Every step in the production process is carried out entirely by hand!

Westphalia, Land of Ham